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WELCOME to Crasti & Company Pty Ltd's website. We offer over 20 years experience in the supply of packaging, handling and storage solutions for Bulk Products.

Bulk Bags
In essence, all Bulk Bags or FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) have the same use, to contain a material for storage and transportation. They all require filling and discharging; need to be lifted to get them either into storage or onto transport and most importantly must be tested to the relevant standard for both the type and weight of material to be contained.

Container Liners
Container Liners offer a cost effective means of transporting bulk cargo in containers. Used for the right application they can even be more economical than Bulk Bags.

Companies that benefit the most from the use of Container Liners are those that produce products of low bulk densities.

Cargo Slings
The packing of Small Bags into slings offers an efficient, simple and economical way of handling, transporting and storing product packed in this manner.

Suitable for carrying up to 2,000kgs of product.

PE Liners
Liners (or large plastic bags) can be supplied in roll form or pre-fitted into our Bulk Bags. In 99% of all cases the Liners we supply are used for lining Bulk Bags to protect the product being packaged from the ingress of moisture or any foreign matter.