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Circular woven multi layer bags


Multi layer Kraft paper bags


Multi layer bags can be made up of WPP and Kraft paper together or just layers of Kraft paper depending on the application.

Features WPP and Kraft paper laminated bags

Tear proof
- Durable
- Minimises breakage rate during transportation and storage.

Water proof
- Laminated fabric limits moisture ingress.
- HDPE or LDPE inner liners provide complete moisture protection.

Slip resistant
- Fabric can be produced or special ink can be added to the outside of the bag to reduce bag slip.

- 4 colour on 2 sides.

- Heat cut top, Cold cut top (for laminated bags), Valve top or Hemmed top are available.

- Single folded or double folded bottom fabric can be produced according to client's requirements.

U.V. Stabilized
- All Polyproylene bags supplied to the Australian market are treated with an artificial U.V. Stabilizer to decelerate U. V. degradation.


- Sugar, Grain, Flour, Fertilizer,   Semolina, Petro-Chemicals, Mineral
- Safe Working Load : 10kg~50kg
- Capacity : 10million bags per month


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